Lets Know about Digital Footprint

Digital Footprints:-

Digital footprints also include many more such applications and information.


Points to be covered in this article:-

1.What is Digital Footprint

2.How Digital Footprint works

3.Advantages of Digital Footprints

4.Disadvantage of Digital Footprints

5.How to erase  digital footprints


What is Digital Footprint:-

The digital footprint may be defined as the set of digital activities, actions, and communications that leaves a data trace on the internet or on the computer or any type of digital device that another user might identify the particular user.
A digital footprint is sometimes also known as "Digital shadow."  As we are living in the 21st century which leads to the most significant advancement in the field of technology and science. Nowadays we discover new methods, technology to use through which we are able to develop new technologies. 
A digital footprint is also one of the latest technology through which we are able to view things which are quite similar to the things we have recently searched.
Let me demonstrate this with an example:- 
Suppose you want to buy shoes from online shopping stores like Flipkart or Amazon or any other sites, then you log in with your account later in the search menu you just type "shoes for men." Then you will see some list of shoes related to your search, and you select the shoes which you want to buy, but at last, you didn't buy that because of any problem then that sites will show you some similar products related to your search.   This is known as the digital footprint.

How Digital Footprint works:-

In the first section we have seen the definition of a digital footprint, and in this article, we will see that how digital print works.
As the definition says, digital footprint traces the activities we do on the internet. Whenever we go online and log in our details to any digital system, we leave our traces. Traces  are the activities which we perform online from our system,

Digital footprint is related to the following actions:-

  • The online shopping activities
  • The google search engines details(Keyword Searching)
  • Different types of social media apps like ( Facebook, Instagram, tumbler, twitter, LinkedIn and many more ....)
  • Blogging activities 
  • texting
  • And many more kinds of stuff.
We have to know that all these activities save the data of the users at some place. Sometimes we are aware of the collected data and sometimes not. The major issues (in other words harm) causes for the saved data that we are not mindful of.

Advantage of Digital footprint:-

A digital footprint is mostly harmful to the user their exist a risk of data loss or hacking and tracking, but it also contains some importance too. A digital print is sometimes useful to the users even.
     In this section, we are going to discuss some importance of Digital footprint which is as follows:-

  • Digital footprint traces our online activities, so we are able to traverse all the previous visited websites which we have accessed earlier.
  • A digital footprint is also useful to promote your online business by giving a high-quality content so the viewers may attract towards your website.
  • Many online shopping websites usages this concept to keep track of customer interest in things, accordingly they show their similar products in the search list and using this idea they increase their feasibility.
  • With the use of digital footprint, we generally come to know about the others peoples interest also that might help us to understand the activities of our friends even.
So these are the advantages of using digital footprint technology. 
 Now let's discuss the drawback of digital footprint.

Disadvantage of Digital footprint:-

In the previous section, we have discussed the advantages of digital footprint. Now we are going to focus on the disadvantages of digital print.
Always remember the universal law of nature "Everything existing in the world has some disadvantage with it,  In other words,  Nothing is perfect."

Following are some disadvantages of Digital footprint:-

  • The most prominent disadvantage of digital footprint  "Identity theft." Identity theft means that while you are performing any activities online, anyone can steal your identity and may misuse it.
  • Your digital footprint leaves traces through you can be spying by some other person might be a hacker sometimes.
  • It may cause harm to your digital system also and may erase the useful data from your system.
  • Sometimes our personal data may be used to generate revenue without our knowledge,
  • You may occasionally be annoyed when you will continuously get some advertisement and information which is not useful to you. 

How to erase your digital footprint:-

Security is the primary things which all the users are concerned about. Everyone wants to be secured from the unwanted access to his/her system because data are beneficial to us nowadays.
Earlier we have discussed the facts related to the digital footprint, now are going to explain some vital method/ technique through which we can erase our digital prints.

 These methods are as follows:--

  1. log in to the secure digital devices and don't save the password to the system.
  2. Use the data and information as per need and perform all those activities which you want to accomplish.
  3. After using delete all the tracking cookies and browsing history from your computer at regular basis,
  4. Review security settings on social networks and always be updated towards the changes to the websites or apps.
  5. Make sure that you are using the latest version of the web browser if not then get updated. As per security features "internet explorer 10 has extra built-in security.
  6. Don't prefer more cash payment use instead of online payment. Note:- Not always use online amount, but if necessary, then you can do with safety.
  7. While using social sites posting as public saves the data to the server network.


Security is the most preliminary things nowadays so use all those stuff which you want to access but keep in mind all the precaution that has been discussed earlier.
 After all, safety does matter.

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