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Miscellaneous Websites:-

Hi Everyone,
                     As in my previous blogs, i have listed many websites by the 3E Concept, that was:-
  1. Education
  2. Entertainment
  3. Ebullient
 According to the law of nature, there exists Exception in each and every field.
In other words, we can say that "Nobody is perfect."The thoughtful thing is that "Exceptions are always kept remembered"  not the usual things. So in this Conclusive block of this series, i am going to list out the some of the more exciting and exceptional websites names which I have listed in previous blogs.
Hope you will like reading me this blog also on my previous blogs. so let's Proceed:--------------


This is the website where you can find the alternative software of any software which you are not able to access in the own running operating system. It gives you an excellent platform suitable application for your operating system.
Here on this website, you will come to know about which software is more compatible with your operating system and also you will know which other software is available for your operating system. For example:- If you are currently running Linux and want to use office app, then you will come to know that LibreOffice app is a suitable app with same functionality available for Linux.

This is one of the critical websites for those who want to be fit in daily life. This is the website where you can get the menu items to eat to get the required amount of calories.On this site, you can set the number of calories you want daily. Then this website will provide you food items to eat.
  Here you have to just give the number of calories you want to take daily, after that this website will provide you the timetable of eating by which you can gain that much amount of energy that you have entered. 
 It is beneficial to those who go gym to stay fit. Following this menu also you can be fit and healthy and live a happy daily life.

This is the security type app which provides you the security from the cyber attacks and also provides you the Malware protection.This may be the websites which can use daily what security is there and how to use them.
Nowadays every person is inquisitive to know how to be secured from any kind of data or information loss. Then just go to the website and learn how to keep secure the data or the personal information.
On this website, you will come to know that what is the actual meaning of security is and how does it affect our daily life.

This is the websites which you can use when you want to remove the unwanted sites of your own. Here you can delete your all personal accounts may be on social media or personal accounts.
                          Here you can delete your various personal account which are either not in use or you just don't want to use them. The list of reports which you can remove are as follows:-
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedin
  4. Gmail
  5. Whatsapp
  6. Kik
  7. Google
  8. AND Many More................
 You don't have to follow the long procedure you have to just copy your profile link, and after proceeding with some inquiry, you can only delete it.This is very easy to use.


This is an outstanding dynamic website which shows the users of facebook which their profiles.Here you can also see the facebook meter which shows the numbers of users on it.This is an excellent animated website too.
We are aware of this website, in fact, we are very much addicted to this site.But have you ever thought how many users are there and who????
Then just go to this website, and you will come to know how many users are there on facebook now and how much is coming on it. Zooming on the window screen, you can also see the faces of the people  (Profile pictures). Here you can get lots of information on the facebook.


This is one of the Dynamic websites where you can know about the current world population.On this site, you can also see some statistical data about the death rate and birth rate also.
       On this website, there are lots of information about the world such as:-
  • Current world population
  • Births this year
  • Births today
  • Car, computer, etc. produced
  • Deaths this year
  • Net population status
This is a helpful website which frequently changes the data by the updated information.


This is the fantastic websites which have an Infinite Zoom of the images. This is a fascinating one websites for to see the adorable creativity.
 Have you ever imagined a picture with infinite zoom? I am sure that your answer will be "NO."
This website has the image on the window which will never end.
It doesn't contain only standard picture also it has some very high-class visuals which you can enjoy.


This is the most exciting websites I have ever seen because on this site you will be able to see the world's most significant things to the worlds smallest things existing by zooming on the window screen.
The reaction on my face was just "Waooo"  after seeing this website. I haven't even imagined this kind of website where you can look at the worlds most significant things to the worlds smallest thing at the same platform. Hope you will also react on this site after visiting this.


This is a perfect example of the tutorial website downloader. This website will be beneficial to you when you want to access the sites when you are offline. On this websites, you are able to download any website entirely offline even if you are not connected to the internet. This is very useful to the students by which they can download the complete site.
 This is an excellent platform for the students who are not able to just use the internet every time. They can only keep that website offline so that site may be easily accessible, even not connected with internet.

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