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How much has mobile phone changed since the first bell playing:-

April 3 that is, the day when the first bell of the mobile phone was sold in 1973. Motorola's Martin Cooper made a call from his competitor Bell Labs for the first time to Dr. Joel S. Engel. This was the time when Apple Inc. Had launched its operations and Google Inc. Like many other legendary tech companies did not even exist.

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Martin Cooper

From 1973 to today, that is, 2018, there have been radical changes in the world of mobile phones. These changes have been such that now this device lives with us for 24 hours. We use it for our smallest things. Can you imagine life without mobile today? In a very short span of time, mobile phones have made important connections in our lives. There will be no shortage of usefulness in the coming time and we will rely on this smart device for a lot of our work. After completing 45 years of the journey and how the changes have changed in mobile phones, let us know.

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Cell Phone

Initially, cell phones were very large and they were too big to keep in pocket or purse. Then in 1983, Motorola's phone came in the market which could be kept in a pocket. Motorola DynaTAC 8000x was the first mobile phone, which was a good size. This phone was expensive and only a handful of people had the ability to use it. Weighing 800 grams and providing 18-minute battery life. The price of this phone was $ 3,995.
Nokia Mobira Talkman and Motorola 2900 bag phones came. The battery of these phones was great and talk time got a bit too much. These mobile phones became very popular at the time.
After this Motorola came to Microtech, which was the world's first flip phone. The price for this phone, released in 1989, was about $ 250.
Introduced in 1997 in IBM Simon It was a revolutionary device that could send and receive faxes and emails. An address book was also given in it.

Mid 90's Years:-

In 1996, the Motorola Starck was the smallest and lightest phone of its time at the launch. The phone weighs 88 grams.
Now the round came from the company that gave a new face to the world of mobile phones. We are talking about Nokia 3210's. Launched in 2000, it proved to be a revolutionary phone and with this, the texting started. Worldwide, 160 million units of this device were sold and it proved to be the best-selling phone. This was the second round of mobile phone era. In addition to this, advanced features such as better call quality, SMS message and data communication in phones. Make this the first phone that comes with GPS and camera.
After this, BlackBerry 5810 entered the market in 2002 and features such features like GSM and GPRS.
After this, Motorola launched the Razor V3 in 2004. The thin body and its beautiful design made people crazy. Mobile broadband started with the third generation mobile devices. The period of dominance of Apple and Android The first iPhone came in 2007 and the HTC Dream launched in 2008. Launched in 2007, the first Apple iPhone sold more than 6 million units and its 3G variant was launched in 2008.
HTC EVO launched in 2010 and was the first 4G Ready phone to be launched in public. This was followed by a smartphone revolution in the world. The mobiles of the touchscreen phones got crowded and biggies such as Sony, LG, Samsung presented their smartphones. This is called the fourth phase of the mobile phone.

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Now the time is high-speed data transfer. I.e. the fifth round of mobile phone change Now the 4G VoLTE has a round of smartphones moving towards the 5G. Earlier Apple iPhone celebrated its 10th birthday last year and introduced the iPhone with the most advanced features. In the fifth round, Chinese companies have entered the global smartphone market. Companies like Shaomi, Oppo, Vivo are giving tough competition to South Korean Samsung in India. Motorola, the first smartphone maker, is now owned by Chinese company Lenovo. Google is constantly innovating in the world of mobile phones and is trying to challenge Apple and Samsung with Pixel Devices.

Era of 2000:-

By 2019, the number of mobile phone users worldwide is likely to reach 5 billion. Talk to India, by 2018, the number of smartphone users in India can reach up to 530 million. According to Counterpoint Research, there are approximately 650 million mobile phone users in India, out of which over 300 million have smartphones.
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