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Quantum computer is the frequent topic of research in the field of Computer Science, which uses axioms of quantum mechanics. Quantum computers will be much more prevailing than the standard machine due to its immense computational speed. Recent developments in quantum computers which are based on the act of quantum mechanics show different ways of performing effectual calculations along with the various execution which is not possible on the classical computers in an adequate period of time. 

One of the most cogent results that have obtained on the quantum computers is the prime factorization of the large integer in a polynomial time. The idea of entanglement of the quantum mechanics for the computational purpose is delimited briefly in the present work that emulates the importance and ascendancy of the next spawning of the 21st-century classical computers, named as quantum computers, regarding the cost as well as time period appropriate for the computation purpose.



        1. Introduction
       2. History

       3.Limitation of current computer

       4.working of quantum computer

       5. Application of quantum computers

       6. Drawbacks of quantum computers

       7. Conclusion


Introduction To Quantum Processor:-

Have you ever imagined the world where machines will be much similar to the human itself? As I have also discussed in my previous blogs Life Technology and  Lets Know About Digital Footprint that  21st  century is the mother of revolution in the field of science and technology.

Quantum computing can be defined as the area of study which focuses on developing computer technology based on the principle of quantum theory. It discloses the nature and behavior of energy and matters on the quantum ( atomic and subatomic) level. It relies on quantum physics properties.
The conventional computers and the orientation processing that every one of us is familiar, obey the well-understood principles of classical physics.A traditional machine basically swings and interprets binary bits into a useful computational result. A bit represents a fundamental unit of information, represented by 0 or 1. The classical computers though have become compact and fast, cannot solve problems such as factoring of a massive integer problems such as factoring of a large integer.

Collaboration of quantum physics with computer science


Alan Turing was the first programmer who has invented the programmable computer in 1936. He has started his experiments to show that particular mathematical problem was not computable.
In 1982 Richard Feynman suggested that the dignified Turing machine might not be as convincing as people thought.

Yet somehow simulation process of N-particle can be done with quantum mechanics. But at that time he was not able to find a general solution.In 1982, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman thought up the idea of a 'quantum computer,' a computer that uses the property of quantum mechanics to its advantage. One such development was the invention of an algorithm to factor large numbers on the quantum computer, by Peter Shor (Bell Laboratories).

Limitation of classical computers:-

As we all know that in the era of advanced technology all person wants to automate machines. Automation is the most primary concern nowadays. 

Considering these facts, we can see some of the demerits of the current computer system:- 

1. Incompatibility:-
 In currently working system their exists some software which is not entirely platform independent. Windows software cannot run on the Android platform. It is the most significant problem which an end user faces in the daily life. Compatibility must be there in our system so that interaction should be between all types of platform.

2. Privacy violation:-

There exists such software which can affect your system very quickly. This kind of programs may be viruses, spams, worms or any type of software which are harmful to our system. Data security is the most priority of the users. But in our classical computer system, we are not able to resolve these query.

3. lack of intelligence:-

In the classical computers due to the slow speed of data transmission, the smart factor decreases. Everyone wants that type of machines which is very fast and efficient. It is also one of the problems which are regularly encountered by the users. The use of a quantum computer will increase the functionality of the system.

Working on Artificial Intelligence:-

It is the most asked question related to the quantum computing that "how actually the quantum computer will work." There are few concepts on which the quantum computer works. They are Qubits, superposition, quantum parallelism and entanglement.


 As from the history of the computer system, we know that our computer system understands only two bits either "0" or "1". "0" signifies OFF ( no electron is flowing or no current) and "1" signifies ON ( current is flowing in the system. But in quantum computation, the information is recorded regarding "quantum bits" or qubits. The values of qubits can be anything in between 0 and 1. like 0.12334, 0.5682, 0.999245, etc.


The electronic status of an atom for ground and excited levels are |0> and |1>. But in quantum computing, this superposition may be defined as the

                      Ψ =α|0>+β|1>

Whereα and β   are two complex vectors.
 In quantum mechanics, the no. of states increases exponentially. As in the concept of a qubit, we have discussed the possible number of countries between  "0, " and "1" is infinite.

c.)Quantum parallelism:-

The concept of superposition leads to the principle of parallelism to create new quantum microprocessor. In a real world, small particles like atoms may travel in any direction without any restriction. The basic idea is to utilize these molecules for computation.


Quantum entanglement is the process in which the atoms are entangled in such a way that outwardly clashing of any other system or outer world one atom should spin in one direction. With the help of entanglement and superposition, we can create some complex algorithm which can solve billions of calculations in very jiffy time. Quantum computing will be very much faster than our standard assumptions.

Quantum Computer Application

Application of quantum computers:-

The application of quantum computers has enormous scope in the nearby future. The speed and the size of the quantum processor has a significant impact on the implementation of the quantum processor.

following are some application of quantum computers:-

 1. Safer airplanes:-

Lockheed Martin plans to use its D-Wave to test jet software that is currently too complex for classical computers. But in the quantum processor due to a small size of transistors, it will be immensely more comfortable to make safer planes.

2. Discover distant planets:-

Quantum computers will be able to rehash the vast amount of data collected by telescopes and explore out Earth-like planets. With the help of quantum computers, we will be able to visit considerable distances around the universe.

3. Boost GDP:-

Hyper-personalized advertising, based on quantum computation, will inflame consumer confer.

4.Detect cancer earlier:-

Computational models will help determine how diseases occur. As we have discussed that the quantum computer works by prediction. So it will help in disease prediction also.

 5.Help automobiles drive themselves:-

Google is using a quantum computer to design software that can distinguish cars from landmarks. It will help to make cars without drivers and also it will be safe.

6. Medicine development:-

In the recent time, the development in the field of medicine is too significant and very smart. With the help of quantum computing, it will be easier to invent new drugs.


Data security is the most primary concern for the users in near time. With the help of advanced research in the data security, the data will be more secure than in the classical computers.

8.Fast Calculation:-

It has been predicted that with the help of quantum computer we can solve an unlimited number of variables in the fixed amount of time. If for computation, classical computers take 100 yr of age, then a quantum computer can solve in 2 sec. 

Drawbacks of quantum computers:-

There is the distinct disadvantage of the quantum computers.

Some of them are discussed below:-

1. quantum computing is only the concept nowadays, it will be inline in future.

2. Its application might affect the environment.


A computer that uses quantum mechanical phenomena to perform the operation on data through devices such as superposition and entanglement. It makes uses of a qubit, superposition, prime factorization, which makes quantum computing too much superior to the classical computers.  The number of states increases exponentially. It can solve any severe problem in the minimal amount of time.
For example,

  if a classical computer can solve a problem in 100 years, then the same problem can be solved in 1/2sec.

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